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10 Questions Candidates should ask HR/ Recruiters during an interview

When engaging with a recruiter during the job search process, it's important for candidates to ask relevant and insightful questions to gather information and make informed decisions.

Here are Ten questions that candidates should consider asking recruiters:

1. Can you provide more details about the company and its culture?

2. What is the Hiring Managers looking for this positions?

3. What impact will this role have in the growth of the company Or Project?

4. What are the various offerings for growth and learnings within the organization?

5. Could you tell me little bit about the team, that I will be working with along with their professional background?

6. Can you explain more on the career path with your company?

7. Are there any training or development programs available to employees?

8. Can you share details on the work-life balance at the company?

9. What is the preferred communication method and frequency during the interview process?

10. Can you provide insights on the compensation package, including salary, benefits, and any performance-based incentives?

Please Note these questions are just an ice-breaker to know more about the role, which can help you understand if the role is in-line with you goals and help you evaluate the company better.