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"Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a form os Outsourcing, where an employer can shose to transfers all or a part of company’s permanent workforce to an external recruitment oartner. Peoplefy RPO Offes Quality excellence, a scalable model, cost savings, a technology stack, market intelligence and predictive talent analytics that helps you find and identify the right talent quickly.
Peoplefy RPO model is highly customizable with a specific set of services to directly address your company’s goals, requirements and recruiting challenges. Recruitment resources can be scaled up or down based on changing hiring needs, providing your business with a high degree of agility.
We use & implement robust processes with help of innovative technology tools for providing high quality talent hiring & manage strict timelines & cost to hire. Learn More about RPO service"

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Project Based Hiring

Are you looking to hire for an upcoming project or looking to ramp-up and existing BU within a short span of time? We have the solution for you At Peoplefy we understand the complexities and nuances of project-based hiring for several industries. We handle more than just hiring. We help our clients in identifying right recruitment needs, create potential talent pool, develop a robust process to hire faster and consult them for the best practices so that the project team is seamlessly onboarded within Quick TAT.
With over a decade of experience in recruiting in permanent hiring employees and, more importantly, keeping pace with the evolving talent demands of different industries, we’ve developed keen project-based hiring practices that have proven successful for our customers. And for every project, we strive to stay true to our motto of finding the best fit for your business.

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